1. Bass Drum Heads
Bass Drum Heads
Bass Drum Heads

Bass Drum Heads

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Great for bands, marching bands, faith groups, and special occasions! All of our drum head stickers are printed full-color on laminated vinyl.
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Product Description

Great for bands, marching bands, faith groups, and special occasions! All of our drum head stickers are printed full color on laminated vinyl. You can put your bass drum through the normal wear-and-tear without worrying about it ripping or tearing. Upload your design with our template or upload your high-res logo.


Our custom Bass Drum Heads are printed direct-to-textile on Intermediate Adhesive Vinyl. You can use unlimited colors, text, and images - we print in full color! Our material is tough and is perfect for gigging and touring. We provide instructions and a flattening tool for easy home application.

Installation Instructions

Required tools:

  • Masking tape
  • Application squeegee (provided)
  • Scissors
  • Razor blade


  • Ensure the drum head is clean and free of dust.
  • The decal will be easier to install if the head is already in the shell and tightened just to the point of tautness.
  • The installation will be much more difficult in the sun or in temperatures above 80 F (indoors recommended).
  • If your drumhead has a microphone hole, be mindful of what parts of your artwork will be cut out when placing decal.


  • With the adhesive liner still on, center and place the decal on the drum in the desired position.
  • Lay a piece of masking tape all the way across the middle of the decal, taping it in place to the head. You may have to run the tape to the hoops to achieve this.
  • Lift up and lay backward one-half of the decal and peel the liner from the edge of the print all the way to your piece of masking tape and cut off that section of the liner. Be careful to not let the exposed adhesive touch anything at this point.
  • Fold the exposed print back over and hold it suspended just over the surface of the drum while using the application squeegee to lightly apply the decal working from the masking tape to the edge. Be careful to only push toward the edges of the decal to avoid wrinkles.
  • Once this half of the decal is applied smoothly, remove the masking tape and fold back the other half and remove the adhesive liner.
  • Using the same method, suspend the print just above the drum head and apply with the squeegee starting at the middle and working your way back to the other edge.
  • At this point if the decal is slightly big for the drum head, use the razor to carefully trim the edge of the print around the perimeter of the head, and the perimeter of the microphone hole if necessary.