Are you in the market for a promotional tent?  Maybe you are involved with a sports team that could use one as a shady gathering spot. Perhaps your business participates in promotional events and you want to draw people to your booth. Or, possibly you are affiliated with a local group or charity that is involved in the community and you want to increase its awareness. Whatever your need, promotional tents can bring value.

Consider These Questions

If you are looking to purchase a promotional tent, you want to ensure that the one you select meets all of your needs. That said, it is important to ask all vendors with whom you may work some very important questions.

First, quality is key. Promotional tent purchases are an investment in your organization. You want one that you can use for years.  And, it needs to meet your specific needs. This means it must be available in the appropriate size; your vendor can help determine your best options.  

Will your events be outdoors? If so, you want the tent cover, or canopy, to be water repellent. Everyone and everything underneath it should remain dry.  Finally, it should also be fire and flame retardant for safety. 

The composition of the frame should also be considered. You will either want to purchase one that is steel or aluminum.  While heavy steel frames are often appropriate, sometimes it is worth the investment to upgrade to anodized aluminum. Your vendor should offer both.

The design process should also be clear.  You may have a logo or artwork created by your internal graphics department (or the organization for whom you work). Does your printer offer pre-formatted templates? If so, make sure the company also has a graphic designer on staff to assist with the process.  You want to be sure your information will be clear and easy to read from every angle. A professional designer can review your template and ensure you have uploaded your information correctly. They can also help to create artwork if your don’t have access to any.

Lastly, you will want to discuss turnaround time. If you need your tent for a specific event, you want to be sure the company is able to have it printed and delivered in a timely fashion.  Ideally, your tent should take about five business days to produce, once you have approved all design work. Make sure you take into account shipping time if your printer is not local.

Active Print Media

Active Print Media is a large format printer specializing in indoor and outdoor marketing materials, including pop-up tents.  We produce four sizes of pop-up tents, each of which can be customized with your logo or artwork. These tents are extremely popular; our clients are impressed with the value which they bring.  If you are looking to purchase a tent, contact us at 480-982-6552. We can help you determine the best option, assist with the design process and provide you a high quality tent in a timely manner.