Simply speaking, spinner signs are an incredibly effective way of driving traffic to your business.  Think about it. How many times have you been driving when a sign spinner on the side of the road captures your attention?  The combination of the brightly colored sign and the perpetual motion definitely makes you look.

Clearly these signs have proven to be effective marketing tools. They are an extremely cost effective way to generate business. To be honest, if they did not work, we would not see so many of them. 

If you have a business that you believe could benefit from the use of spinner signs, we encourage you to try it. Unlike most marketing and advertising strategies, spinner sign campaigns are comparatively low in cost.  All you need to do is design and print the sign and hire your spinner!

Sign Spinning Considerations

Two things to consider when creating a spinner sign campaign are your actual signage and the spinning process. First, focus on the creation of your sign. It is best to work with a company experienced in the design and printing of spinner signs.  They will incorporate important strategies to help ensure you sign is clearly visible.  

Also, confirm your sign is easy to read and comprehend. Limit your text and use a large, clear font. Keep graphics neat and clean and avoid the use of many additional design elements. Finally, use contrasting colors to attract attention. 

Keep in mind that your audience will be driving or moving;  they only have a few seconds to pull the message (company name, sales, etc) from the sign. You want it to be easy to read and brief.  Spinner signs are designed to create an impact resulting in immediate action. 

You must also employ a “sign spinner”.  Selecting the right person and providing valuable direction is key to driving traffic to your business.  First, keep elaborate spinning and flipping to a minimum. You want the individual to spin the sign and generate attention, and also ensure the sign can be read. Potential clients need to be able to read the sign and process your message and business location. 

Finally, you should ensure your sign spinner is working during a high traffic time at an appropriate location. As sign spinners work on busy roads, you may want to check your insurance to best understand your liability in the case of an accident.

Printers Can Help

If you are looking for a way to increase foot traffic in your business and are considering employing a sign spinner your first step should be sign creation. Work with a printing company that has experience in producing this type of signage; one who is willing to work with you to create an eye catching sign that clearly communicates your business and desired action. 

At Active Print Media we have been creating spinner signs for our clients for years. We can work with you to ensure you message and art work clearly conveys your message and an appropriate call to action.  We have an established reputation for excellence in customer service.  Is your company considering a spinner sign marketing campaign? If so, contact us today and see the value we can bring.