In the United States alone there are thousands of trade shows each year. These shows are usually industry specific and welcome hundreds of businesses as exhibitors and thousands and thousands of visitors.

The reason for the popularity of trade shows is, quite simply, because they work. They provide businesses the opportunity to showcase their products or service lines to the largest number of people in a single location. When your organization exhibits at a trade show you have the opportunity to highlight your products to an audience of people who are truly interested in buying. They provide amazing opportunities.

The key to increasing the business you receive from trade show participation is maximizing your visibility. You need to increase the traffic to your display or booth. The more visible you are, the more visitors you will have.  Increased traffic leads to enhanced interaction and the opportunity to meet contacts and grow your business.

Many organizations who are particularly successful in leveraging their trade show participation work with printing companies to ensure their business message is being visually communicated in the most appropriate and valuable manner.

Printing Solutions

Large format print companies provide a broad range of products that could prove to be incredibly valuable at trade shows. These include:

Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays, which are custom made for each organization, are available in a variety of formats including table top, full height, and banner stands. 

  • Table Top Displays:  Available in a variety of sizes, these simply sit atop a table in your booth. They can display your logo, artwork or any type of graphic or visual you desire.They include a lightweight frame over which a fabric mural is stretched. These are incredibly portable and easy to assemble - they provide an instant backdrop.  
  • Full Height Displays:  Similar to a table top in that they are lightweight and easy to assemble, these sit directly on the floor - no table is needed.  
  • Banner Stands.  These free standing pieces frame your large format banner allowing visitors to easily view them.  

Additionally, you may also wish to consider literature racks, to neatly display any handouts or brochures your have and display lighting to highlight particular areas of your booth.

Table Covers

A custom printed table cover is an excellent way to display your business name and logo. Fitted table covers, stretch table covers and table throws are all available in an array of sizes and colors.  They can be customized to meet your needs.  An added bonus is that table covers are long lasting; you can use them over and over again at all the shows you attend. Most table covers are designed to fit 30x30 tables, the standard at trade shows.


Brightly colored custom flags are an excellent way to increase your visibility at a crowded trade show. Placing them at the entrance to your booth helps draw attention.  Ad flags, or feather flags, can be printed as either single or double sided (depending upon your needs). The fact that they can rotate 360 degrees means that they will always be seen.  Teardrop flags, which are used with a stake system, are perfect for either indoor our outdoor shows.  They can be anchored into the ground or in a water base.


Banners, which are available in an array of sizes and forms, are a great way to attract attention and increase visibility. They can be displayed in your booth, either hung from grommets or affixed to banner stands. Consider having them created with your company logo, or even a step and repeat pattern, which can be great for visitors who may take photos at your booth.

Each of the above options alone would certainly increase your visibility. Combining them can help make your booth stand out from others increasing your foot traffic and your business opportunities.

Printers Can Help

Clearly, there are a broad range of options available for organizations looking to increase visibility at trade shows.  Working with a printer who is experienced in creating visuals for trade shows and who offers a broad range of products is a smart business decision. You want to ensure that everything you order has a common or complimentary theme, is high quality and accurately represents your company.

At Active Print Media, we have been creating large format items for our clients for years. We can help you determine the best products for your needs and ensure that what you receive will represent your organization well and be of the highest quality.  We have an established reputation for excellence in customer service.  Is your company looking to exhibit at an upcoming trade show? Contact us today to see how we can help.